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Welcome to the kingdom of Karteia, northern land of evil, darkness, and that sociopathic sadist himself, the one and only Prince Dirk Blackpool. He's the guy up there in the silver-studded black leather thingies. Can't miss him. We suggest you stay out of arrow and monocle range, or he won't miss you, either.

This is the unofficial Lair of Fandom, the place where we who have pledged our allegiance to Aperans meet to swap stories, act silly, and just have a lot of questionable "fun." So why, you ask, do we choose to lurk in the shadows of Karteia when we could be getting Camarandian tans? Well, the rent's cheaper, for one thing. Lightning hawk's a lot tastier than tadmon. Also, have you ever tried buying leather thingies in Camarand? Not one decent place to shop, as Ariel can attest. Camarand's a great place to visit, mind you -- make sure you drop by often for tons of terrific stuff about the show -- we just wouldn't want to live there.

You see, in his own way, Prince Dirk is every bit as hospitable as Erik. He's very big on the social graces, and he seems to have a bit of a soft spot for us. Probably because quite a few of us enjoy annoying Erik almost as much as he does.

So, if you're interested to see what the Wizards and Warriors fandom has been up to since the cancellation of the series, Prince Dirk will graciously direct his evil minions to assist you. Just follow the links below to have the cruelest of the Karteians admit you to the inner sanctums of our own personal dungeon. If you're really, really lucky, they might even let you back out again.

About the Site
A bit of the history of the Website Wizards' Council -- who we are, what we do, and why Bethel thinks we're much more effective than the real Wizards' Council.
Awards and Accolades
Goz Dunder's inside scoop on all the awards the website's won. Of course, the information's gonna cost ya . . .
Captioning Contest
An opportunity to show off your dialogue skills, MST-3K style, by mocking pictures even goofier than Geoffrey.
Fan Recommendations
Coming soon -- Books, movies, and TV shows W&W fans might enjoy, delivered with Vulkar's seal (and whip) of approval.
Our Book of the Show, shelved in Vector's personal library, featuring everything from songs to stories to role-playing forums.
Joining the Fun
Dirk and Bethel's instructions on how to become a W&W Mailing List member, contribute to the website, or chat with us down in Dirk's dungeon.
Membership List
Dirk's other List of Enemies -- that is, an introduction to some of the personalities of the W&W Mailing List, hosted by Dirk and Geoffrey.
Original Art
Karnaj's gallery of visual masterpieces, rendered in pencil, paint, or pixels.




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